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11 Books That Influenced My Thinking

11 Books That Influenced My Thinking

In preparation for The Engaged Brain, a two-day presentation, I dove deeply into research findings on mindset, resilience, and grit. As Dr. Robert B. Brooks shared earlier this year at a Learning & the Brain conference, these traits are critical for our students:

“...the ability of a child to deal more effectively with stress and pressure to cope with everyday challenges, to bounce back from disappointments, adversity, and trauma, to develop clear and realistic goals, to solve problems, to relate comfortably with others, and to treat oneself and others with respect.”

Here are 11 recommended titles by authors who offer well-articulated ideas on these and related subjects that influenced my thinking (plus a shameless plug for Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain, a practical way to foster these traits during instruction!).
More than 70 recommended children's books that model resilience and grit

Stories That Model Resilience and Grit

Foster confidence-building in the classroom by sharing true stories of individuals who exemplify resilience and grit in the face of tremendous odds. Here are more than 70 children's books we recommend.
Classroom Power Tools for Retention & Recall

How We Can Help Students Remember

“...What are some "power tools" we can use to prompt such connection-seeking thinking? And how can we add these tools to our daily or weekly routines? Sometimes the answer is not in launching new, complex activities but in redesigning familiar, simple ones.…"

In this new post, Brynn Redmond, Clerestory Learning Program Support Specialist, shares the first of three practical "power tools" teachers can use to help students seek patterns and identify new connections for maximal learning and retention.

Clerestory Site Gets a Makeover

Come visit and invite your colleagues too!
Clerestory Learning Site Gets a Makeover

Save the Date

Save the Date! F&F Advanced Training 2019
Foundations & Frameworks Advanced Training 2019 is for certified Foundations & Frameworks schools needing a trainer equipped with updated research on best instructional reading practices. Consider attending if it has been more than five years since your initial training.

Here are a few insights from Advanced Training 2018 attendees:

It has given me a clear understanding of how to lead an F&F training for new teachers and has given me insight into training veteran F&F teachers.

Breaking down the Trainer’s Guide with “presentations” helped me focus on “part to whole” which directed my thinking and learning. With these steps in mind, I will be able to better guide the teachers. Also, the teacher observations and then coaching with Kevin was INVALUABLE.

The processes and experiences of yesterday guided my questioning and thinking on an entirely different level. I can’t wait to share this with our school.

It has helped me with the overall structure of the program. Knowing each component more will help us implement the program more fully.

I have taught F&F for 5 years. I feel this course has clarified misconceptions and opened my mind to the program in a different way. I feel equipped to teach it with the knowledge and confidence needed.
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