Newsletter from Clerestory Learning, Kevin D. Washburn, Ed.D.
To our friends in teaching and administration: Press On! You are addressing this season's challenges with incredible determination and inspiring creativity. We've participated in your classroom and administrative Zoom sessions and met with you "face-to-face" via technological enablers/barriers. Wow! Your job is not for the faint of heart.

How one school structured F&F for remote learning

Just before the 2020-21 school year began, Holy Cross Christian Academy in Burleson, TX shared with us their process for Foundations & Frameworks implementation within the constraints of remote learning. The successful parts of their Spring remote teaching experience directed development of F&F Remote Learning Standards for this year.

This is a well-designed plan and we encourage all F&F schools, regardless of their current learning environment to take a look! Thank you, HCCA, for allowing us to share this work with your F&F colleagues.

Foundations & Frameworks is now a Clerestory Learning Professional Development Program

Foundations & Frameworks Announcement and Updates
Early July, Briarwood Christian School, Birmingham, AL, transferred ownership of the Foundations & Frameworks instructional reading program to Clerestory Learning. We are grateful to Briarwood’s leadership for supporting the vision almost 20 years ago and being dedicated to program maintenance and training since then.

We are committed to this program’s integrity, and are making significant updates that reflect latest research and today’s instructional needs. Watch this video for a summary of latest developments.

Foundations & Frameworks website is moving and getting a makeover

F&F Website
Please check out our new site and be sure to bookmark its new address:

The transition from the previous website and development of the new one will take a little while, so if you are not finding information you need, please contact us.

A few changes to trainings

With Foundations & Frameworks development and updates underway, training will look a little different this year:
  • The Foundations & Frameworks Advanced Course will NOT be offered in 2021
  • The Foundations & Frameworks In-Person Basic Course led by currently certified trainers will be a hybrid of online and in-person instruction using the revised course book and updated Toolbox. More details will be available early 2021. If more than three years have passed since you've attended or offered Foundations & Frameworks Basic Training, we highly recommend the new Foundations & Frameworks Online Basic Course.
  • The Foundations & Frameworks On-Site, In-Person Basic Course led by Kevin D. Washburn, Ed.D., will incorporate all updated materials, will include a school visit, and additional Foundations & Frameworks-related professional development. Details available soon. Let us know if you'd like details sent to your inbox.

Two courses now available online

AoL Basic Course
F&F Website
We are pleased to announce two Clerestory PD courses are now available online through Friends University and participants receive three graduate credits for each: Architecture of Learning Basic Course and Foundations & Frameworks Basic Course.

NOTE: These are now two SEPARATE courses. Architecture of Learning Basic Course is no longer a prerequisite to the Foundations & Frameworks Basic Course, but is still recommended.

These courses are conveniently offered one after the other during the Spring 2021 semester for an optimal learning experience. While we were hesitant to embrace the online format, our first classes have proven the extra time and tools to process the information is extremely valuable and effective for deeper learning.

Enrollment for the Spring 2021 semester will open soon.
Architecture of Learning Basic Online Course
February 1 - March 15, 2021
(3 credits)

Foundations & Frameworks Basic Online Course
March 15 - May 3, 2021
(3 credits)
AoL Testimonial

Writer's Stylus Basic Course

We plan to hold the Writer's Stylus Basic Course in person June 2021 in Mobile, AL. Details to come.

Press on, but moving forward with help might be just the thing

Clerestory Learning
Your job is absolutely essential, but what if you didn't have to do it all by yourself? We've enjoyed developing collaborative opportunites to help schools strategically create a thriving, teaching-learning culture that fulfills its mission no matter the challenge.

Have you recently voiced any of these concerns?:
  • Our virtual and hybrid instruction is ok, but it needs to be more effective.
  • Our school needs to help our parents understand how to help their kids learn better.
  • Our science (art, math, counseling etc.) curriculum is not as effective as it could be.
  • We are about to introduce a new program and we need professional development.
We can help through Clerestory Learning custom consulting. Here's how.