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Fire Ignites Rockets [image]

Words Matter!

“James 3 reminds us that our words can set a forest ablaze, but fire also ignites rockets. How can we use our words to launch learning rather than discourage perseverance? The principle is simple: educators should intentionally connect effort and results in their interactions with students.” In a recent article, Is Your School a Safe Place to Fail?, I offer a model for teachers to follow and explore related ideas and applications.

Forgotten How to Read?

“I drag my vision across the page and process little,” writes Michael Harris as he laments the loss of deep reading abilities in a tech-saturated world. As he explores his new habits, Harris realizes that more than time spent with books is at risk. Are we clicking and swiping our way to ignorance? Far from being a luddite, Harris asks and answers the question thoughtfully and thought-provokingly. A must-read for anyone who cares about reading abilities! Relatedly, Christina Desmarais explores the benefits—some surprising!—of reading books. A short read that encourages long reads!

A lot is happening! Can you join us?

Writer's Stylus
An instructional writing program that helps teachers and students discover written expression as a vessel for their voice and intentionally strengthens the inextricable link between thinking well and writing well Program details
Writer's Stylus Basic Course: Birmigham AL Jun 4-7; Tyler TX Jun 25-28 — Early Registration NOW OPEN
How does Writer's Stylus fit with your organization's vision, values, and purpose?
To be a Christian leader and thinker you need to be able to communicate your ideas clearly and with the confidence that your ideas have value.…It was revolutionary to witness the effects of Writer's Stylus elements on my own writing! I cannot wait to share this with my students. — Summer 2017 Writer's Stylus Participant
Foundations & Frameworks
An instructional reading program that weaves best practices into an instructional framework based on how the brain learns, fits together the critical pieces of balanced literacy, and develops readers who read for deep understanding Program details
Foundations & Frameworks Basic Training - Birmingham AL July 9-20, 2018 : Early Registration OPEN
Foundations & Frameworks has changed my way of thinking and processing the information about reading. I now have a vision for our school and the reading program. — School Administrator and Foundations & Frameworks Participant
Foundations & Frameworks Advanced Training - Birmingham AL Jan 28-Feb 1, 2018 : Early Registration OPEN
How long has it been since you attended Architecture of Learning and/or Foundations & Frameworks Advanced Courses? Five years or more? If so, consider attending again. You will find refreshed materials and new perspectives on best practices of both programs insightful and will, according to a January 2018 Advanced Training graduate, "leave with a deeper understanding of the flow of learning."
We were able to learn using best practices instead of traditional sit and get. It makes so much more sense to use the strategies in order to learn the strategies!
—Architecture of Learning and Foundations & Frameworks Advanced Training 2018

Engaged Brain:
Rigor and Relevance for Teachers

June 19-20, 2018 • Friends University, Wichita KS
Kevin D. Washburn, Ed.D., Speaker
Engaged Brain: Rigor and Relevance for Teachers — Teacher Education Conference Jun 19-20 Friends University, Wichita KS
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