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Effective reading teachers possess knowledge, understanding, and skill in helping students develop the high levels of cognitive functioning required for deep text comprehension. The Foundations & Frameworks Basic Course examines effective reading instruction with an emphasis on reading comprehension and vocabulary. (While related topics, such as phonemic awareness and phonics, will be briefly explored, the major emphasis is on teaching the thinking necessary for deep text understanding.) The course explores multiple teaching strategies and a roadmap for sequencing them effectively. Participants should expect an in-depth study of reading comprehension, the thinking that promotes it, and the teaching that develops it.

Topics include effective skill instruction (including an introduction to the Architecture of Learning Skill Blueprint), reading comprehension, visual tools, collaborative comprehension, vocabulary, and assessment.

  • The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain [This text is available from Amazon (paperback 9780984345908 and Kindle ASIN: B004M8S4MM), Barnes & Noble (Nook - BN ID: 2940012516503), and Make Way for Books (paperback 9780984345908)]
  • The Foundations & Frameworks Course Book (available from
  • The Foundations & Frameworks Toolbox (available from