Completing the COmprehension Strand

Return to your AoL Skill Blueprint on the Drafting Table ( After logging in, click EDIT A BLUEPRINT. Then do the following:

  • Add in the information about the read-aloud you will use for modeling. (You can list the book, author, etc. in the NOTES section at the top.)
  • In the CO-ex cell, complete your initial skill lesson by including information about your modeling of the skill. Write out a “script” for yourself for the first two entries you will make on the visual tool. You do not need to script anymore than that. (I just need to see that you understand modeling.)
  • Review the rest of the COmprehension strand. Do you have the activities for the other cells detailed? For example, have you selected material for the initial skill practice in CO-ap? Add any necessary details. Then SHARE the Blueprint with me,