Writer’s Stylus: An Instructional Writing Program


We at Clerestory Learning hope this finds you safe and well. As we all try to navigate current circumstances, we’d like to offer some help. With no obligation, download complete teacher and student Writer’s Stylus program materials for one full grammar and writing unit (grades 1-6). May the joy of teaching and learning writing spark creativity and wonder. We’d love to hear your stories.

NOTE: If your students have never been exposed to the Writer’s Stylus approach, these units may be challenging. During the first year of implementation, many teachers choose to use materials at the preceding grade level to help students adjust (e.g., a fifth grade teacher may use the fourth grade materials during Year 1).

The Writer’s Stylus Story

Kevin D. Washburn, Ed.D.,
Writer’s Stylus Author & Instructor

After working with an editor on my first book, I realized that many of our teaching practices were ineffective for equipping young writers. In fact, some were actually detrimental — pieces were missing between grammar basics and well-crafted communication. This launched our research and development of the Writer’s Stylus program.

Writer’s Stylus instruction strategically includes all the necessary pieces

  • Mechanics, revision, and genre are interconnected within every unit so students understand grammar in context.
  • Checklists and rubrics focus teachers, make learning transparent, and hold students accountable.
  • Writing exemplars show students what well-crafted writing accomplishes and how.
  • A prewriting process is directed by idea organizers.
  • And finally, developing writers are coached by teachers who understand their role as editors. 

The Writer’s Stylus process restores the joy of writing because it unfolds naturally with powerful results.