Neurocognitive research can help us equip students to reach their potential. However, technical jargon and unclear connections often hinder our ability to use it. At Clerestory Learning, it’s our mission to convert what research has to say—about learning, creativity, critical thinking, curiosity, grit and resilience, instuctional design, neuroscience, reading, and writing—into tools and strategies that energize and engage learners. We believe in their potential, and value every opportunity to pursue that together.


High energy presentations that highlights practical instructional solutions for a wide audience


An experienced professor with expertise in educational psychology, educational leadership, and curriculum and instruction


The Engaged Brain (2-day event)

This professional development event, originally presented at Friends University for an audience of teachers from across the state of Kansas, focuses on optimizing student learning, curiosity, grit, and resilience. Here’s what we explore:

  • How does a learner build new knowledge and understanding?
  • When do students need opportunities to think and how do we ignite such processing?
  • What are the best places to use specific teaching methods, including traditional approaches and tech-based tools?
  • What teaching strategies work best to ignite student learning?
  • Once ignited, how do we sustain student learning?
  • How can we help students welcome challenges, practice endurance, and develop character?


We’re committed to creating innovative workshops that address topics and needs for specific schools or events We’re studying:

  • curiosity
  • resilience and grit
  • character
  • critical and creative thinking, and
  • instructional design

because the roles they play in the classroom are significant. Let us know what topics or needs you’d like addressed for your next PD event.


Training and mentoring for teachers and administrators expanding influence by investing in instructional leaders


A partnership with schools for specific instructional or curricular projects, such as alignment with standards, development of new programs, and instructional support/coaching

Here are a few organizations with whom we’ve had the privilege to work: