Programs offered by Clerestory Learning inspire and equip teachers for powerful teaching and stronger schools. Graduate credit is now available for each program through Friends University! 


Instructional Design for K-12

Have you ever attended a workshop that presented “brain-based” tips? Sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn’t, right? But most times, they felt more like lesson add-ons rather than integrated strategies that infused your plans with purpose and power.

What if you had a guide for creating plans that helped you consistently teach in alignment with how the brain learns? Architecture of Learning is that guide—it is a model for designing brain-based instruction. You’ll create powerful lessons that just make sense.

The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain by Kevin D. Washburn, Ed.D. is a great introduction to this model. Enter the password found only in that book when you register to use the Architecture of Learning Online Drafting Tool for FREE! 

Spread the news! The Architecture of Learning Basic Course is a three-day course for all teachers and every school committed to understanding how the brain learns for more powerful teaching.

Join us for a scheduled course or contact us to host this graduate-level professional development course for your entire staff!

We [now] strive for effective teaching in our classrooms that guides students into deeper thinking and creative ways to solve problems.


Foundations & Frameworks Trainer and Technology Coordinator (and Alabama Teacher of the Year Finalist 2019 — Congratulations, Valerie!), Pell City School System, Pell City AL


Instructional Reading for K-6

Do you feel like your students are capable of deeper book discussions, but helping them discover greater meaning on their own is often unsuccessful?  

Is there a way to strategically cover all the components of an effective reading comprehension program and equip students with the thinking skills needed to analyze and synthesize meaning beyond surface-level text? 

Yes! Foundations & Frameworks was created as a direct response to this very question. A brain-based instructional framework guides teachers through critical learning areas: 

  • Reading comprehension
  • Visual Tools
  • Small Groups
  • Vocabulary
  • Assessment
  • Beginning Reading
  • Content Area Reading
  • Instructional Tools  

Current research confirms this program’s instructional soundness, so teachers can confidently develop thoughtful readers who are able to understand more deeply.

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I LOVE my job and am a full believer, supporter, and advocate of Foundations & Frameworks!


Foundations & Frameworks Trainer/Coordinator and Junior High Reading Teacher, Southcrest Christian School, Lubbock TX


Instructional Writing for K-12

Does this sound familiar? You know you’re supposed to teach writing, but the textbook is basically a mechanics manual. You cover it all well, but when you ask students to write a draft, even offering an inspiring jumping-off point, their submissions do not inspire. What is happening?

Pieces are missing between grammar basics and well-crafted communication. Writer’s Stylus instruction strategically includes all the necessary pieces: 

  • Mechanics, revision, and genre are interconnected within every unit so students understand grammar in context.
  • Checklists and rubrics focus teachers, make learning transparent, and hold students accountable.
  • Writing exemplars show students what well-crafted writing accomplishes and how.
  • A prewriting process is directed by idea organizers.
  • And finally, developing writers are coached by teachers who understand their role as editors. 

The Writer’s Stylus process restores the joy of writing because it unfolds naturally with powerful results. 

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My greatest joy is seeing the students enjoy the writing process.


Writer's Stylus Coordinator and Middle School Language Arts & Reading Teacher, Holy Cross Christian Academy, Burleson TX