Two-day workshops for K-12 offered by Clerestory Learning inspire and equip teachers for powerful teaching and stronger schools. 


Developing Skilled Thinkers

Teaching powerfully helps students think more deeply and therefore learn more deeply. We know that critical and creative thinking nourishes this need. What if there was a systematic way to make critical and creative thinking central to everyday learning in the classroom, rather than relegating it as an end-of-lesson add-on?

There is! The Big Idea: Developing Skilled Thinkers, a 2-day workshop, shows that while quality thinking is not the brain’s automatic response to new data, we can reframe teaching so that students examine material in new, more probing ways. This workshop introduces a structure that highlights the different types of learning, what skill each requires, and a beautifully systematic process for guiding the very youngest elementary learners through high school level learners to deep understanding.

Students meaningfully engage with big ideas so they know how to evaluate, discern, and create. We teach powerfully so they are equipped for impact.